The British Columia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP) is run by the Federal government and the Province of British Columbia. BC PNP offers fast entry into Canada and is good news for people who have the skills that the province desperately needs.

The Canadian immigration process can be boiled down to two stages, selection and clearance (medical and security). Under federal immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker class, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) coordinates both the selection and clearance processing stages. Under the BC PNP, the Province of British Columbia conducts the selection portion and, if successful, CIC will process the clearance portion and issue permanent resident visas.


How It Works

BC PNP currently operates through two broad application categories: Strategic Occupations and Business Categories.


Strategic Occupations

The Strategic Occupations category is an employer driven process and seeks to recruit skilled workers, low-skill workers, health care professionals and international students.  


Business Applications

The Business Categories are investment driven. Depending on location, an applicant can present a business plan for a new business demonstrating an investment between $200,000 to $400,000, job creation and active management in the business.

Alternatively, an existing company can assist foreign professionals and key managers to immigrate by presenting a business plan demonstrating a $500k investment in business expansion that will create new jobs. Click here for more information.


Wait Times

BC PNP has the capacity to process the selection portion of applications quicker than CIC. In most cases, BC PNP can approve an application in about three months. for workers and a few monthls longer for investors.

In return for selecting immigrants, CIC has committed to prioritizing PNP applications. Currently, CIC processes most PNP applications in less than one year compared with the four years or more it takes to process a Federal Skilled Worker application.


Why Choose PNP?

BC PNP offers a win-win-win immigration solution. The Province can attract immigrants key to its economic future, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) unloads a significant portion of applications to the Province, and the prospective immigrant benefits from much faster processing times.

Article courtesy of Steven Meurrens, Canadian Immigration Lawyer based in Vancouver BC.
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