Do you enjoy camping in the summer? Winter camping is a whole different scenario, but it can be a fun way to explore the outdoors when the temperature drops. If you want to stay active in  Vancouver during the winter months, you have to put up with seemingly endless days of rain, usually with a few snowfalls in between. Many people in Vancouver continue to enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking and even camping in the winter months.

A word of caution: winter camping isn't all about sitting around a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate. Often, winter camping means digging out your campsite, stepping into frozen boots in the morning and doing jumping jacks to stay warm. There are generally no rangers around selling firewood or helping you out of your car gets stuck, either.

If you still like the idea of winter camping, here are two of the top spots for winter camping around Vancouver:


Golden Ears Provincial Park Campground

Golden Ears Provincial Park is one of the largest parks in BC. It is popular for its many trails, and for Alouette Lake, a well known summer destination for swimming, water-skiing, boating, canoeing, windsurfing, and fishing. Golder Ears has winter camping (winter vehicle accessible camping fee of $11.00 per party per night). You must make a reservation: go online or call 1 (800) 689-9025.


Manning Provincial Park

There are two winter camping areas, and both are open from October through March. Each campground has a wood stove, a picnic table, a fire pit (but no fire wood), pit toilets, a parking spot and a walk-in camping area to set up your tents. Winter vehicle accessible camping fee is $11.00 per party per night. You must make a reservation: go online or call 1 (800) 689-9025.

If you'd like to give winter camping a try, consider taking an intro to snow camping course. You'll learn all the basics of overnight winter camping, including survival techniques and igloo cave construction. Whether you take a snow camping course or not, make sure you research the area you're going to and be prepared.