Heading to Vancouver? Tips on Choosing the Right Expatriate Insurance

If you’re heading to Vancouver or another part of Canada, you likely have a lot of decisions to make. One important decision is purchasing expatriate insurance. Canadian medical costs are very high compared to some other countries. If you are moving to Vancouver it is necessary to find an insurance plan that will cover all your medical costs: a simple doctor’s visit costs about $80, a night in a hospital costs about $3,500, and intensive care is approximately $6,500 if you are not considered as a resident. 

So, a serious health problem could cost you thousands of Canadian dollars. By choosing the right insurance plan, you can be set up with the right benefits, reimbursement limits, and even be hospitalized without paying a cent. 

The coverage you receive all depends on the type of expatriate insurance you pick. We asked the international insurance broker Mondassur, a company that specializes in expatriate insurance, to help you choose the right insurance for your stay abroad. 

What is a good expatriate insurance plan?

First of all, a good expatriate insurance plan must reimburse most of your actual costs (also called real costs). Then, each expatriate insurance plan follows specific terms and conditions of application, with benefits and exclusions that will allow you to cover your costs for major health problems such as hospitalization, long illness, or accident and routine medical care such as medical consultation or other medical acts. 

There are a lot of different expatriate insurance plans. In order to compare expat insurance policies for your stay in Vancouver, you should ask a specialised broker who will help you choose the one that suits you best. Here is an example of an expatriate insurance comparison.

How should I choose my expatriate insurance?

The broker will study the benefits and conditions of different insurance policies according to your situation (needs, duration of your stay and purpose) so you know which costs will be paid off and under which conditions. 

You have to be sure that your insurance covers medical care at the level of your real costs. When you’re leaving for Vancouver, it’s important to choose an appropriate type of expatriate insurance, even if it’s more expensive because of high medicals costs in this country.

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