Vancouver Sport Clubs

Vancouver is a sport-friendly city - just check out the joggers on the Vancouver seawall or the beach volleyball at Kits in the summer months. If you're into sports, finding relevant leagues and activities is probably the number one way to meet friends in Vancouver. 

If you join a sport and social club in Vancouver, you can skip having to round up a team for a game. The most popular Vancouver sports and social club is Urban Rec, where you can meet people through leagues like floor hockey, indoor soccer and beach volleyball. Registration is free to find over 29,000 members. 

Vancouver Ski Clubs

When the snow starts falling, many locals head to one of Vancouver's ski hills: Cypress, Grouse, Whistler, or Seymour. There are a number of ski clubs in Vancouver, including the Insider Edge Club, where you can meet up with other skiers. Skiing isn't a cheap sport, so if it's your sport of choice, expect to pay anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars for yearly membership in a Vancouver ski club. You'll also have to pay for your lift passes, transportation and accommodation if you stay over in a resort of cabin.

Yoga poses - Vancouver BC - Yoga classes


Vancouver Yoga Studios

If you've seen the number of people walking downtown with yoga mats, or the many Vancouver yoga studios lining the streets (especially in Kitsilano and Yaletown), then you may have realized that yoga is extremely popular in Vancouver. 

While posing on a yoga mat by yourself doesn't allow you meet people, you can find social yoga groups at sites like or check Yoga Vancouver to find interactive yoga festivals, yoga workshops and yoga events.

Vancouver Running Groups

Running is an obsession in Vancouver - even with all the rain! A lot of people looking to meet like-minded runners join Vancouver running groups. The Running Room is the most visited site, offering regular running clinics and groups for beginner to advanced runners. If you feel up to it, you can run the Vancouver Sun Run in May - it's the second largest 10K in North America. 

Vancouver Ultimate Teams

One of the latest sports crazes is ultimate Frisbee - basically, Frisbee taken to the next level. Ultimate Frisbee is a high-energy game between two teams, and players try to toss a Frisbee to one another until they cross the opponents' goal. Vancouver's Ultimate League is free to join, and attracts tons of members. Check out the schedule.

Vancouver Hockey Clubs

Canadians love their hockey, and some people go one step further from just watching it on TV and join a league. The Adult Safe Hockey League is considered to be the best by many locals. There are numerous leagues that meet at ice rinks all around the Lower Mainland, for beginners and more advanced players. You'll pay around $250 to play once a week, and are guaranteed to play at least 16 games. UBC also has the Thunderbird Adult Hockey League, which meets on the ice rink at the university - they have just started a women's league. The cost is $300 for the season, and you'll meet four times a week for a couple of hours in the evening. 

If everyday sports like basketball or football aren't really your thing, there are sport and social groups in Vancouver that are truly unique. Join a Dragon Boat team or test out various styles of karate at Karate BC.

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