How to Pack Your Moving Truck

Your belongings are packed and you have your moving truck ready to head out toward Vancouver. Packing a moving truck isn't as simple as just loading everything on.

You need to do it in a way that will keep everything secure and safe. Packing a moving truck with a little forethought and planning will ensure that everything arrives in Vancouver in the state that it left.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pack a moving truck:

1. When you start packing a moving truck, move the largest and heaviest items first. This includes major appliances and any items that take more than two people to move. These items should be loaded on the truck first and kept against the wall closest to the cab. Keep the items in their upright positions and balance the truck by placing heavy objects on opposite sides.

2. Use furniture padding to protect wood surfaces and corners. You can rent it from the truck rental company for only a little extra. It also makes it easier to slide heavier pieces onto the truck without damaging them.

3. Move longer items like box springs, mattresses, headboards, couches, tabletops, etc on the truck next. When packing a moving truck, you should place these items against the longest walls to keep them upright and save space.

4. Dissemble bed frames and tape pieces together. Do the same for other long items like sets of skis. When you roll up rugs, place these items inside, then tape your rug closed. Place the rug on the truck floor.

5. Next, load the largest and heaviest boxes. Place the boxes on top of the appliances and furniture. Try to fill any empty space under tables & desks and on chair seats. The lighter boxes go in next. Stack them up on the heavier ones, saving the lightest boxes for the very top. Wherever possible, keep boxes for the same rooms together to make it easier to sort when you arrive.

6. Place fragile items or awkward shaped items on last when packing a moving truck, securing them so they won't move while in transit.When following this guide on how to pack a moving truck, be sure to do each step in order. You'll be happy you did when you arrive at your new Vancouver home with all your belongings safe and sound.

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