Canadian Immigration Embassy Interview Strategies and Tips

You may think that once your visa application is completed, your work is done! However, when visa officers have concerns regarding a completed application, they often conduct an interview. You may be required to sit down with a visa officer to discuss your application, which provides you the opportunity to address these concerns.

The following five tips will be helpful whether the interview pertains to an application for permanent residence, or a simple work permit.


  1. The most important thing to understand about the interview is that it is not the norm in immigration applications.  If you have been asked to appear for an interview it means that an officer has a concern with your application that is serious. Because of this, it is important that you be prepared.  
  2. Officers do not have an obligation to provide you with a running score at each step of the interview. They generally are not going to tell you how you're doing, nor are they are going to tell you how they will be deciding. Because of this, you should not feel nervous if the officer does not offer you encouragement or says "you've addressed all my concerns" at the end of the interview.  
  3. They do, however, have a legal duty to put forward any concerns that they have. They cannot, and are not going to, withhold concerns during an interview, and then include them in a refusal letter. You should not worry about the question that isn't asked.  
  4. Answer truthfully and honestly. Visa officers are excellent interviewers, and most will be able to see through lies and pull the devil out of the details.
  5. The onus is on you to satisfy the visa officer that you meet the requirements of immigrating to Canada. Because of this, you need to make sure that you answer the question that is being asked, and are not evasive.

By being prepared and following these tips, you will increase the odds that your interview will go smoothly, and that the visa officer will be satisfied with your answers.

Article courtesy of  Ryan Rosenberg &  Steven Meurrens, Canadian Immigration Lawyers based in Vancouver BC. 

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