A Guide to Vancouver Public School Registration

a guide to vancouver public school registrationEnrolment decisions should be made in the best interests of your child's education.

This guide will help you choose a school for your child and go through the process of Vancouver school registration.

There are 3 simple steps to guide you through the entire enrolment process.

Step #1: Research
Step #2: Choose a School
Step #3: Register


Vancouver School Registration Step #1: Research

Get Familiar with Your Neighbourhood School

Every area in Vancouver and neighbouring cities has associated neighbourhood schools for all levels each with an attendance boundary. Generally, all students who live within the attendance boundary may attend the school.

If you already know where you're going to live, you should learn more about the area's neighbourhood school. Living closer to school generally makes it easier for your child to build friendships. You may find that it's the best option for your child or you may want to explore another neighbourhood school open to students citywide that has a program of particular interest to your child.

Vancouver Primary School Boundaries (Clickable Map)

Vancouver Secondary School Boundaries (Clickable Map)

Your Action: Visit the school and meet with its principal and staff. If possible, get feedback from other parents, family, and friends.

Determining Your Child's Educational Needs

Before enrolling your child in a school, explore the available options that may suit your child's needs. Vancouver area public school boards offer a wide variety of educational choices for students. There are schools and programs including French immersion, Montessori, fine and performing arts programs, sports academies, and gifted enrichment education, to name just a few.

Your Action: Consider your child's unique talents, strengths and requirements. Consult your local school board website to find schools of particular interest for your child. Narrow your choices down. Visit and get feedback on your top choices.

Tip: If your child's education is a priority, you may want to choose the area you live in based on the local school and what it has to offer your child. It's always better to live closer to your child's school as it makes it easier for him/her to build friendships.


Vancouver School Registration Step #2: Choose a School

Vancouver area public schools are routinely evaluated by the Fraser Institute, which grades schools performance based on standardized testing. Reviewing these reports may help your choose a school. See the report.

In choosing a school for your child, it's important to understand the implications of each choice. If you choose your neighbourhood school, there are no special criteria for enrollment. If you choose a school outside your neighbourhood school's attendance boundary, you'll need to find out the criteria on how to get accepted based on the type of school you apply to. You'll also need to fill out special application forms and deliver them directly to the school, or in the case of students born outside Canada, to the District Reception and Placement Centre.

Consult your specific schools of interest for more details.


Vancouver School Registration Step #3: Register

During the school year, most students are able to submit their application to their neighbourhood school or school of choice. Some school boards, however, require that certain students (like non-native English speakers or students born outside of Canada) register first at your local District Reception and Placement Centre (DRPC).

Contact your local school or school board for more information.

As a parent or legal guardian, you must be present with the student when registering. During July and August, when schools are closed, all students must register at District Reception and Placement Centre.


Review Your Vancouver School Registration Checklist

Prior to visiting the school to register your child, collect and review all the information you'll be required to present. The records are needed to ensure the child's application is complete and to ensure the school has the basic information it needs to maximize the health and security of the child.

Below are all the required documents. They must be original documents, accompanied with an English translation of all documents not in English.

> Completed registration form (available at each school)

> Proof of residence in your city. Acceptable proof include:

    - A recent property tax statement or purchase agreement if you're a home owner,

    - A formal rental or lease agreement if you're a tenant, OR

    - A Parent Declaration of Residence form (available at the District Reception and Placement Centre)

> Child's birth certificate (preferably showing parents' name/s)

> Immigration documents, Canadian Citizenship documents or Aboriginal status identification for parents and child

> Immunization records (if available) and other important health information like medical alerts, for example

> Child's previous report cards:

    - Elementary - 2 most recent years of report cards

    - Secondary - All report cards from grade 7 or age 13 to present

> Any other relevant documentation involving guardianship, court orders, etc.

For more information or help with the Vancouver School Registration process, visit your local school board website or contact your local school board.

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