First Nations History in BC

Key Facts

1. Population in 1900: 5,600 First Nations people.Totem pole - First Nations history in BC

2. Population in 2009: 196,000 First Nation people ( ~ 4% of the BC population).

3. First recorded human populations:~ 14, 000 years ago.

4. First Nations people in the Vancouver area: Coast Salish people.

5. Dialect in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley: Halkomelem ; the main language spoken amongst the Coast Salish communities today is English.

6. Coast Salish communities in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley: Musqueam, Squamish, Stó:lo.

Articles on BC First Nations
> Cultural & social traditions
> First contact with Europeans
> The Gold Rush
> First Nations culture in Vancouver today

1. Population Census of 1881
2. The last population census was taken by Statistics Canada in 2006. It records the number and percentage of the population that declared themselves of First Nations origins.

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