Chinese Dim Sum in Vancouver BC

chinese dim sum vancouver

Dim sum, or Chinese buffet, is a tradition that is fully integrated into the Vancouver lifestyle. It involves sharing some tasty snacks at a round table. A positive sign of a good quality Cantonese style dim sum restaurant is seeing a full house of Chinese families and large groups enjoying a meal.

A typical Chinese dim sum experience includes waiters busily moving amongst the customers tables with carts laden with steaming hot food items. Your job is to flag down your favourite dim sum treats and eat your afternoon away!

The standard Chinese dim sum fare consists of the following fun food items:

Shrimp and pork dumplings: served steamed or deep fried in a basket.

Taro cake: This dim sum item is made with rice flour and pan-fried. The texture is medium soft on the inside and semi-crunchy on the outside. The cake is mixed with other ingredients including pork, Chinese black mushroom, Chinese sausages and topped with chopped scallions.

Congee: This thick soup is a rice porridge often eaten with pickled tofu and vegetables, eggs, diced green onions, white pepper and soya sauce.

Spring rolls: Deep fried and usually consist of pork, cabbage, and other vegetable fillings.

Chicken feet: Usually deep fried or steamed and then stewed or simmered in a sauce made of beans, bean paste and sugar.

Sticky rice: This is wrapped in steamed banana leaf; pieces of vegetable and pork are usually mixed with the sticky rice.

Pork buns: baked or steamed dough with barbecue flavoured pork inside.

Top Chinese Dim Sum Restaurants


Jade Dynasty, 137 East Pender Street
Floata Seafood Restaurant, #406-180 Keefer Street
Pink Pearl, 1132 East Hastings Street

Downtown Vancouver:

Kirin, #1166 Alberni Street, Downtown Vancouver

Restaurant Price Range*:
Average Dim Sum Restaurant: $15- $20 / person
High-end Dim Sum Restaurant: $25 - $30 / person

*Price ranges do not include alcohol. Chinese tea and fortune cookies are served as complimentary items.

Tips for dim sum dining in Vancouver:
Vancouverites all use chopsticks without hesitation. As a result, most Chinese restaurants do not always supply forks and knives at the dinner table. Ask your server for some utensils when ordering your meal.

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