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Vancouver has a number of very distinct neighbourhoods: Main Street is where you go if you want to pick up some good quality secondhand furniture or local designer clothing;

Commercial Drive is where you go to stock up on fresh pasta and olive oil from Little Italy, and South Granville is the spot to find galleries selling everything from African art to contemporary oil paintings.

Yaletown is a small, trendy neighbourhood in the heart of downtown that consists of renovated warehouse buildings that now house the city's most upscale restaurants and boutiques.

Yaletown District, Vancouver BC

Yaletown is where you should go if you want to...

> Pay at least $400,000 for a 600-square-foot condo. The apartment buildings in Yaletown are all new spaces, outfitted with modern appliances; many have 24-hour concierges and security.

> Hang out at a seen-and-be-seen restaurant or lounge. If you want to spot a celebrity or just enjoy an evening with the city's "beautiful people", Yaletown's lounges and restaurants are the place to be. There are lounges and restaurants lining both Hamilton and Mainland Streets so you can take your pick;

Glowbal Grill (1079 Mainland Street) is always lively, with a sexy back lounge called AFTERglow that attracts everyone from local TV hosts to everyday people looking for a taste of the good life.

> Buy a dog sweater. Take a stroll in Yaletown and you'll see lots of people walking small breed dogs like chihuahuas, Yorkies and terriers. Dogs in Yaletown dress as well as their owners, so if you want to find a designer dog sweater, raincoat or t-shirt, head to Barking Babies (1188 Homer Street).

> Get body-part-specific services. It seems that every second spot in Yaletown is a hair salon or spa. The newest concept in Yaletown is extremely specific businesses that cater to one body part! Go to the Bombay Brow Bar (1056 Mainland Street) for perfectly shaped eyebrows, lie back at Noir Lash Lounge (1150 Hamilton Street) and get outfitted with long, sexy eyelash extensions, or let the stylists at Blo Bar blow dry your hair before a big night out.


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