Best Places to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

Best Places To Eat and Drink in Vancouver

Working at a nightclub will make you some irregular eating schedules. For example, you miss your dinner timing or meal, and you feel hungry, it is 3 in the morning. However, if you are new to the town, you don’t know where you can get the best meals.

So, here I will show you seven places to eat and drink in Vancouver especially after midnight. There are so many clubgoers, night owls, midnight foodies, and late-night workers hanging around the town.

And they need a suitable place to dine in at midnight like you. So, here you go! Check out these seven best places and find out your perfect place to eat.

7 Best Places To Eat and Drink in Vancouver:

1-Lucy’s Eastside Diner, 2708 Main St

Are you looking for a 24-hour place where you will get all the delicious meals you are looking for? Then, here you go. When the clubs around the location shut down, this place remains open until 3 AM. It does not take much time from downtown, and that’s the reason why this place is a local favorite for many years.

Lucys Eastside Diner, 2708 Main St

They will serve you with fried chicken on any of your meals only for $5. The cost is only for the fried chicken though. And you will love the Pulled Pork Pancakes along with a bit of cocktail.

2-The Naam, 2724 W 4th Ave

The Naam, 2724 W 4th AveIf you are on a tight diet or worried about your workout routine, you may consider The Naam as your favorite restaurant. It is probably one of the healthiest places in the town, but the foods are also very delicious that you can’t ignore.

The restaurant is too close to UBC, and that makes it the most popular place for students who study late at night and hang around the city with friends.

They offer lots of options for vegan people too.

3-Duffin’s Donuts, 1391 E 41st Ave

Duffin's Donuts, 1391 E 41st Ave

Do you love donuts? Then maybe this is the place for you. But not only donuts, though, they also serve fried chicken and Vietnamese subs for around $15.

It takes a short car ride from downtown to reach the restaurant.

4-Tsui Hang Village, 1193 Granville St

Tsui Hang Village, 1193 Granville St

Love Chinese foods? How about some delicious Hunan or Zhejiang dishes? Don’t worry. If you love pizza, this place got you covered. It is based in Granville, and the area is the best choice for many late-night workers and night owls.

You know what?

I have heard it from somewhere that if you ask them for a special tea, they will serve you a beer in a teacup! Want to give it a shot?

5-Roxy Burger, 910 Granville St

Roxy Burger, 910 Granville StRoxy Burger is famous for serving tasty classic style pub-foods, and when you are searching for a place to dine in at midnight, this place will suit you.

You will find a delicious chicken burger with a slide of onion rings and anything to erase your craving.

And you will also get a drink of your choice.

6-Mean Poutine, 718 Nelson St

Mean Poutine, 718 Nelson StThe place is open till 4 AM and serves excellent poutine. Situated in the center of downtown, you can visit the restaurant anytime you wish.

If you are anything but like me, you will probably like their first cheese-covered, gravy-smothered fries.

7-Fritz, 718 Davie St

Fritz, 718 Davie StLooking for some food to grab at midnight? This place is open till 2 AM/2:30 AM/4 AM and offers delicious poutines as well as fries.

Well, these are my favorite places to eat and drink at night. Which one among these 7 places to eat and drink in Vancouver do you find perfect?

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